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The company was set up by Umberto Accenti and his daughter Isabella in the 2005.


Umberto Accenti

Borned in Milano in 1944.

During his career He worked in different professional sectors  : publishing, marketing,  and sales.

Since the 80' he has always been involved in the real estate sector.
Over 40 years of presence on the island of IBIZA  allowed him to acquire a wide knowledge of the territory and of the properties.


Isabella Accenti

Borned in Milano in 1974

She is a qualified estate agent (API).

She graduated in Law in Milan in 1999, she achieved a Master’s degree in Law in 2001 and started her career as a Legal Assistant in a Law firm and a worldwide company in Milan. Since 2005 Isabella starts dealing with Real Estate management, which has led her to develop a solid professional experience while expanding at the same time the company’s activity into international level.

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